We will not despatch orders to EU countries, effective 30th September 2021 onward.

At Ecas 2cv Parts Ltd. we continue to ship orders only above £150 goods value to EU countries (below that amount we will promptly refund any order placed).

The transition period between the UK and the EU ended on 1st January 2021 and so rules have changed how we deal with sales to countries in the EU.

At Ecas 2cv Parts Ltd. we now sell to countries in the EU on the same terms as countries in the Rest of World, we expect a despatch delay of between 7 and 14 days after the date of placing the order.

Ecas 2cv Parts Ltd. is based in the UK and we now sell to EU customers at prices without UK VAT on orders above £150.00 value only (Sales tax @ 20%).

Ecas 2cv Parts website.

When viewing our website, product prices are displayed including and excluding UK VAT.

The Changes

As an example only - in 2020 if you purchased £100 worth of goods you would have paid £16.66 in UK VAT charges.

The same parcel now will be shipped without UK VAT, so the goods will now cost you £83.33.

All EU orders will be dispatched without UK VAT (Sales tax @ 20%) and will carry a customs declaration. The declaration will be to the value of the goods (We can not undervalue goods for customs purposes).

Deliveries & Charges (The most important change)

The recipient may have to pay customs or local VAT charges and a handling fee in the receiving country before they can claim the parcel. Unfortunately, Ecas 2cv Parts Ltd has no control over these fees. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

The shipping charges you pay to Ecas 2cv Parts Ltd covers only the shipping and packaging cost, and does NOT include customs fees, import taxes or duties etc. Ecas 2cv Parts Ltd. have no way of accurately calculating customs fees, taxes, duties etc.

If payment of additional fees is refused at the time of delivery, the shipment may be returned back to us. Only when we receive the returned parcel can we refund your purchase price of goods (not including shipping costs) and minus any additional fees as we do not get this back.

We have received feedback from customers who have received parcels and charges have been applied to their deliveries, where as others have received theirs without any additional charges.

Delays to EU Deliveries - Update

Since Brexit came into law on January 1st 2021, many of our tried and trusted methods of working have changed. Along with all businesses either side of the channel we are trying to find our best route through the new legislation whilst trying to maintain our levels of service.

Due to a number of factors, parcels sent to EU countries in recent weeks have taken longer to arrive with customers. There are various reasons which are contributing to these delays, for example reduced staff in sorting and dispatch offices due to Covid19, new rules for exporting goods outside the UK and additional checks at customs. All these factors at a very busy period has slowed delivery times.

If your parcel is taking longer than expected please use the tracking details provided in your order dispatch email to follow progress of your order. If you are struggling to find details of this please contact us.


Thankfully the situation is now easing and backlogs are reducing, but please allow a few extra days for your orders to arrive.

If you have any doubts about how the new rules will affect your orders please contact us.

We look forward to continuing dealing with you into 2021 and beyond.