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Kingpin, also known as stub or swivel pin, replacement set, 2cv, Dyane, Acadiane etc. Price for 1 side.
Window closing fastener, new super quality stainless steel catch, 2cv.
Accelerator pump diaphragm for 26/35 scis/csic twin choke, oval top Solex carburettor for 2cv6 etc.
Accelerator pump jet for 26/35 Solex carburettor, 18/26 type only (Dolly etc). See notes.
Driveshaft gaiter ONLY, outer, tougher BX style, constant velocity, wheel side. 2cv6 etc.
Brake caliper, 100% NEW, 2cv/Dyane, fits either left or right. Ready to use. SEE IMPORTANT NOTES.
Silencer, crossbox, under gearbox, 2cv6 etc., right hand drive (UK). 4 year warranty, see notes.
A cone shaped tool to aid fitment of all 2cv outer and spline gaiters, absolutely essential.
Repair kit, master cylinder LHM tandem, 17.5mm, for our reference 57129. SEE IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTES.
100% uprated 2cv6 front spring, normal road height, perhaps to carry larger engine! One spring.
Wiper motor, 2cv, new, late type. See description notes.
Wiper motor, 2cv, new, late type. See description notes. Part Number: 579100
£74.50 (£62.08 ex. VAT)
Neoprene, strong, very supple, driveshaft gaiter ONLY, inner, gearbox end. 2cv6 etc.
Driveshaft gaiter ONLY, outer, ORIGINAL 1970s style, constant velocity, wheel side. 2cv6 etc.
Accessory electrical power socket, universal fitting under parcel shelf.
Accelerator cable adjuster tree for Ami, Dyane, Acadiane, stainless steel
Seat cover complete 2cv 3 piece set, grey diamond stitched, like Dolly & Charleston, 2 rounded corners.
Gearbox, £795.00, rebuilt, all 2cv6 March 1982 onward (Dolly, Charleston), long spline, see notes.

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